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The precision of human knowledge plus the virtue of technological innovation:
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Our language services are powered by linguists with proven track records of excellence. These professionals working with us hold solid education and advanced degrees, are primary speakers of the language they translate or which they write, edit or proofread in, and they either have already a sound understanding of the subject matter or will quickly undertake thorough research to familiarise themselves with it and acquire knowledge. They ensure that specific words and larger concepts are properly conveyed to the market under any circumstances.

All of AVALON team members are versed consummate professionals who importantly understand the future of knowledge.
We know that opportunities for improvement of knowledge, performance, and quality constantly present themselves, and at the heart of AVALON is our goal to unearth and pursue these opportunities at every turn. It is obviously very beneficial that we have the right mix of time-tested industry veterans, mature practicians, and young talent, such as fresh university graduates and career-starters between us. Learning, from each other and together, and striving for evolution of our personal, team and enterprise abilities never stops.
Times of purely human work in linguistic services, maybe supported by a bit of machine translation and some more or less helpful software programmes, are since long gone by. We are already a world away from this, using the latest leading-edge technologies available and data analytics to streamline workflows and optimise processes with robust AI layers for advanced functionality in order to empower our people to exceed in their roles and meet the demands of today’s fast-paced global service world. This dramatically reduces time and costs, while fundamentally enhancing quality as well.

As an innovative English and German language services provider, we are just ahead, and with local linguist teams and associates on the ground in strategic regions in Europe, we are also at the forefront of localisation trends and cultural accuracy.


The power of good people”