General Translation



The concept of General Translation refers to the translation of non-specialised texts with no terminological difficulties.
This type of translation is very commonly requested.
As every text is unique, one could argue that actually there is no such thing as “general translation”, however in the technical sense of the definition above it means translations for which the translator does not usually need specific expertise or a specialised background.

Even though general translation is considered the simplest type of translation, with texts that are not particularly complex and which imply just ordinary day-to-day speech, our procedure, and namely the documentation and cultural adaptation process is the same as in the case of any specialised text. We will certainly translate your text with the same attention to detail that we pay to all other texts.

General translations are about translating documents and texts that are not technical. For this type of files go here some typical examples:

Letters and emails
• General business documents
• Job applications and CV’s
• Birth and marriage certificates
 Passports and driving licences
Brochures and catalogues
• Journalistic texts
• Advertisements
 Information on art and culture
 Texts about tourism and gastronomy
 User guides and instructions
– and generally, anything you can imagine

The importance of general translation goes beyond that of any other type of translation because people of all tracks of life are engaged with each other, and general translation just helps to bridge that language gap.
All texts should be translated to fit the intended audience. Since general translation texts address a non-specialised audience, the language should be clear and natural and avoid technical terms.

We have a skilled team of native translators that understand the concept and translate without changing the meaning.
They have the expertise to make the content engaging, entertaining and easy to read, which makes our general translation different from others.

An increasing number of clients though, and not only global-minded and multinational companies, often need more than just a general translation.
What they require is a specialised translation.
The tremendous evolution of the professional translation industry in recent years, namely due to strong trends of internationalisation and further globalisation of the world, has in fact seen the development of translation service specialisations that do not fall under any general categories. Most professional translation done today is specialised translation.

Specialised translation relates to every translation that has to do with a specific area of knowledge.
Our specialised translators hold relevant education and experience and have mastered the precise terminology, text typologies and linguistic conventions of their respective field. They have each only one specific focus area of expertise in which they work, being not “jack of all trades” but “master of one”.

Legal & Administrative Translation

Business & Financial Translation

Technical & Scientific Translation

Literary Translation




Kindly be aware that any of our service descriptions here are just a general outline.
Upon genuine further interest on your part, we will be happy to provide you with
more detailed information and work out a specific proposal tailored to your needs.



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