Copywriting is the process of writing advertising and promotional materials, the writing of so-called ‘copy’. Copy in advertising terminology means ‘text’.
As copywriters, we deliver content for marketing measures of all kinds and play a crucial role in the success of a marketing campaign.

Powerful copy is the backbone of successful marketing. Creating copy is like an “art” of itself and is about getting the person who is reading your words to do one thing, and one thing only: To take the desired action you want.

Copywriting generally has one goal – to prompt a conclusion, a sale, or some other customer action. The reader should become engaged by the content and then move to perform a specific action. Whether this is signing up online for a company newsletter, subscribing to a service that you offer, or the purchase of an SUV that costs tens of thousands of dollars, it doesn’t matter. There are many ways to achieve this goal in copywriting. Depending on what kind of product or service you wish to advertise, the copywriter will have to write content of a more serious, creative or funny nature in order to reach the target audience.

For whatever tone, in copywriting there is a basic concept deployed: AIDA. This acronym stands for ‘Attention’, ‘Interest’, ‘Desire’, and ‘Action’. It describes the way in that content should be created in order to guide the reader to the desired action.
First, we must prepare: Start by researching your product and customers to catalogue the benefits and features of your offering and to identify who your customers are.
Next is we must survey your customers to learn more about them and to find out what words they typically use to describe the kind of your product or service.
Then, when it comes to the actual writing, the first step requires the copywriter to create an attention-grabbing unique, ultra-specific and useful headline that will convert.
It is not sufficient for the reader to just look at the advertising, rather his interest must be further awakened. For this, the copywriter must also present the product’s or service’s features and its important merits in order to generate initial interest.
This step often merges seamlessly with the next, where the copywriter must persuade the customer that he or she would like to own the product or buy this service. The Unique Selling Points are now introduced, probably along with inspiring images – of attractive, happy or successful people, for instance – which will enhance the customer’s desire.
Finally, the potential customer’s action should follow.
While the AIDA model is not always used or followed completely in copywriting, it has proven to be a useful guideline that helps us as copywriters to create an advertising message that is effective and makes an impact.

After all this, it is crucial to test and test, over and over again, for example through specific design and layout, subject lines and offers, in order to make sure your copy resonates with customers and really convinces them to take action.

Important to note is that high-quality copywriting not only helps you get your point across, yet it can also have SEO benefits. And writing for the web offers special challenges, for instance in formatting, and opportunities, namely the ability to measure success.
Unlike radio, television and print advertising, online marketing is not all about the impact of the advertising message because in the wide and wild web you have to be found online first. In a journal, virtually every reader will find the ads placed in between the articles, but within an online page, they can easily go unnoticed.
As a result, the copywriter has to address the demands of search engine optimisation when creating advertising content. This involves, for example, adherence to a specific keyword density, text structure, or article composition.

The term copywriting is widely used to summarise everything related to content creation in the context of online marketing.
In this understanding, the process is about combining the AIDA model, writing of online content, and taking the measures required for SEO.
The terms content writing and copywriting are indeed blurred because the two areas are merging into each other. The simple and plausible reason is that content without “copy” hardly works online anymore. An article may well describe the benefits of a product or service, but if the headline and introduction are boring, if the text is a poor stylistic match for the target audience, or is simply too long, it will not be particularly effective. Therefore, interesting content must go along with an interesting presentation.
It should be noted, the assertion that “content is worth nothing without copy” also applies vice versa. An advertising message without good content will not yield much impact. Content and form should be unified to maximise the impact of an advertising campaign.
Copywriting and content writing are an integral part of online marketing. Of course, pictures and music also play an important role in advertising because these are easy ways to create emotion and thus connect with the customer.
The art of copywriting is to achieve content that embraces marketing-specific and target-group-specific demands in order to convince the potential customer and thus to induce them to take the desired action.

Copywriting projects are, amongst others, about texts for:

 Ads in magazines, newspapers, on billboards
 TV and radio advertisements
 Printed advertisements for direct mailing
 Websites, for instance, landing pages and blogs

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   “Verba volant, scripta manent
Spoken words fly away, written words remain