Legal & Administrative Translation



Legal Translation is a term that refers to the translation of any text used within the legal system.
In legal matters the language used and its exactitude are of capital importance. Professional legal translation is an intricate intellectual exercise in a highly specialised field that requires precision and consistency as well as a sound understanding of the law.
It is a sensitive and complex area where specialist knowledge and confidentiality go hand in hand. Legal translation projects also often have short timeframes, making this one of the most challenging translation types. This is why legal translation services should only be undertaken by those with thorough expertise. After all, just one simple slipup or mistranslation of, for instance, a clause in a contract could quickly lead to misunderstandings which may carry serious legal and expensive financial consequences.

Most legal writing is precise and technical, however as law is a culture-dependent subject field, legal translation is not necessarily linguistically much transparent, which makes the task particularly demanding. Some legal concepts and terms are not shared by every jurisdiction and may have no equivalent in another country. A translation service is responsible for both understanding politico-legal and socio-cultural context behind a legal text and translating it in such a way that a target audience with a different cultural, societal or political background will be able to readily understand.
Knowing both source and target languages and cultures, our legal translators are best positioned to achieve just this for our clients. Where the Latin language is used frequently in legal terminology, we have sound Latin proficiency in-house as well between our legal and medical translators.
So, you can rely on the team of AVALON Legal for accurate, high-quality translations in the best timeframes, the more as they can at any time access external legal advice from our partner network of trusted lawyers as specialists in the law of their respective countries.

We are already providing our services to legal professionals such as law firms, solicitor practices, notaries, legal departments, audit firms, to insurance companies, banks, businesses and private individuals.

Common legal documents we translate are for instance:

 Contracts and treaties
 Terms and conditions
 Confidentiality agreements
 Company incorporation documents
 Protocols and conventions
 Licensing and franchising agreements
 Regulatory documents
 Insurance policies
 Legislative texts and legal regulations
 Court documents
 Briefs, summons and complaints
 Judicial proceedings and expert opinions
 Testimonies and affidavits
 Wills and deeds
 Marital agreements and divorce settlements
 Arbitration documents
 Legal tax documents
and the list could go on

No matter what kind of legal document you need translated, we can provide you with effective professional solutions.

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Administrative Translation refers to the translation of administrative texts used by businesses, corporations, government bodies, ministries, municipalities, and other organisations during the process of their daily administration and management processes.
To these clients, it is crucial to ensure there is no interruption in their processes and in their communication due to any language barriers between administrators of different languages, especially on a global level.

Namely multinational corporations frequently use administrative translation services in order to connect their employees and clients together into a global community. To bridge language gaps is indeed very important in today’s global economy where miscommunication could be much detrimental to your operations. Our administrative translation services are an easy way to ensure clear channels of communication up and down the corporate ladder. We are here to assist you and keep the gears of your business turning smoothly in a plurilingual way.

Typical administrative translation tasks in our daily practice are:

 Internal and external communication
 Operating procedures
 Organisational policies
 Project notes
 Strategic plans
 Memos and minutes of meetings
 Customer service cases
 Market research
 Press releases

You can count on us for precise and reliable professional administrative translations by experienced linguists with profound knowledge of management procedures.


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