Meet Tucson Prime, the stray dog who “landed a job” at a car dealership

This stray dog visited a Hyundai dealership every single day, where it would constantly hang around the showroom. The local staff soon realised that the sweet pup had nowhere else to go, and during one particularly stormy and rainy night they decided to take the friendly dog in. The next day they named it ‘Tucson Prime’.

Initially, the showroom took him in just to give him refuge, but everybody was immediately smitten with its gentle and loving nature. And it turned out that he’s one heck of a salesman, providing smiles and a wagging tail to all who stop by the dealership.
Since Tucson has been adopted, customers keep returning to the store even after having purchased a car, just to say “hello” to the charismatic canine and bring him some gifts.
With Tucson’s natural charm and interaction with their customers, the dealership saw no choice but to give credit where it was due. Thus, earning Tucson Prime a promotion and his very own photo ID badge! So he not only got a home yet also a job as the showroom’s official mascot!

And Tucson’s whirlwind adventure isn’t over yet. Hyundai plans for his appearance in a national advertisement campaign so that he may win over even more hearts. Obviously, the dog’s name is derived from their SUV model ‘Tucson’, so they are in a smart way combining a good deed with brand promotion and their own commercial benefits.

It appears this charming doggo is proving that if you work hard, you can make your dreams come true. And as for brand building, it seems to pay off for that company to be innovative and think outside the box.

Anyway, if Tucson isn’t the face of Employee of the Year, we don’t know what is …

Keep up the great work, Tucson! 🙂


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